It’s fair to say that the upcoming release of ‘No Man’s Skyis one of the most hotly anticipated dates on the gaming community’s calendar.

The gargantuan, hugely ambitious space exploration-project has users absolutely frothing over the prospect of the game and its immersive, exploratory, survival-style universe that has some 18 QUINTILLION planets in it. Not a typo. That’s a fuckload of planets.

Understandably, creating a game with that kind of scale takes a little while to do. And making sure you get it right before you release it is probably high on the list of priorities for the production team at Hello Games.

And with the game agonisingly close to release, the team has decided they need a wee bit more time, just to round off some of the few remaining jagged edges.

The company announced that the game’s original release date of the week of June 21 would be pushed back until early August, a delay that runs to a mere matter of seven weeks. This was necessary, according to game creator Sean Murray, because “some key moments needed extra polish to bring them up to our standards.

Fair enough. Seven weeks isn’t that much longer to wait, right? And if it means the game gets done the right way, it’s totally worth it.

But here’s the thing. A certain, very small handful but nonetheless audible section of No Man’s Sky anticipators did not take kindly to this news at all.

And thus, they responded.

With death threats.

Actual threats of death.

To the guy who is solely responsible for making that thing they want.

And if that by itself weren’t bad enough, the threats were even extended to a journalist who reported on the delay.

Obviously the vast, vast, vast majority of fans have been pleasant human beings and have not, in fact, piled on to this particular mound of shite.

But still, it’s the one rotten egg that gets the whole dozen written off, ya feel?

No Man’s Sky‘ is now scheduled to hit shelves from the week of August 9th.

Source: Uproxx.