As a country, we are blessed that some higher power gifted us with the best hero that is humanly possible: the wondrous and incomparable Shane Warne
We bloody love him. We can’t help ourselves. 
Despite the fact that Australia‘s fave beer-guzzling, chain-smoking sportsperson is ~perfect in every way~, some fans have recently discovered a small flaw: Warnie does some weird stuff on his Instagram account. 
Yeah, we all know about the eternal selfie – the photo he really likes of himself, that he posts like, quarterly and thinks we forget about. He always posts it with a different filter or run through Facetune again or whatever, with an accompanying caption saying it was taken at different events months apart. We’re not talking about that (although we should sometime, it’s great banter).
We’re talking about Warnie‘s tendency to take images, and pretend that they are indeed his. 
But not even in ‘I’m a celebrity, so I’ll rip tabloid photos of myself and post them’ kind of way. We’re talking about STOCK IMAGES of like, landscapes and stuff, which he posts to the ‘gram and pretends they are whatever he is seeing with his own eyes at the present time. 

A photo posted by Shane Warne (@shanewarne23) on

Oooof, just look at dem pixels. 
The photo’s caption reads,

“Another stunning sunset over melbourne tonight, which is wonderful as today has been a great day for various reasons, hope your day / night brings joy & happiness too ! Time for a glass of & reflect 
Yes, we too are intrigued by whatever good news has been thrusted upon our idol Warnie, but DO NOT LOSE FOCUS. 
That photo is CLEARLY not taken by Warnie – in 2016, it is physically impossible to take a photo that is that pixellated, and that low in resolution. Impossible. 
There’s a few options here. Either our boy:
a) screenshot this photo from someone else on social media and republished w/o credit
b) screenshot this photo off Getty Images without paying for it (a regular habit), ran it through multiple editing programs to lose all clarity & resolution, then published it without credit
c) googled ‘sunset over melbourne’, and took the first 200 x 200px image that came up and made sure to zoom in real close. Oh, and posted it without credit. 
Now, this is isn’t us being narky (although we admit we probably are; not really sorry about it tbh), fans have begun to realise Warnie‘s adorable but also against-copyright-law tendencies. 
Followers commented on his photo:
Reposting images is so so so fine, and is super common on Instagram – as long as you do it with permission, and make sure to credit the owner, y’know? It’s not rocket science. 
But in this day and age, we have cameras attached to our phones that take better photos than point-and-shoot cameras we were using <10 years ago – why would not just take the actual photo yourself? 

Source: Instagram / @shanewarne.
Photo: Scott Barbour / Getty [<—- WHAT A PHOTO CREDIT LOOKS LIKE.]