Families Of Aussie Flight MH17 Victims Lay Blame On Russia, Seek $10M Each

Families of Aussie victims killed in the crash of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 in 2014 have launched legal action against the Russian government, which could result in payouts reaching $10M per passenger. 

MH17 was shot down by a Russian-made ground-to-air missile over Ukraine, resulting in the deaths of all 298 passengers. 27 Australian citizens were on board at the time.

The new claim, lodged with the European Court of Human Rights, alleges the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin are also culpable for a series of (possibly calculated) fuck-ups in the investigation into the crash. 

They also weren’t involved in the reconstruction of the cockpit, as demonstrated below. 

Of course, there’s still rampant speculation the flight was shot down by Russian forces in the first place, as the flight flew near contested territory between Russian and Ukrainian forces. 

The crux of the claim: since Russia argued the downing of a separate flight carrying Russians over Sinai should result in financial compensation from whoever was responsible, there’s no reason why families of MH17 victims shouldn’t be treated the same way. 

Families of victims from Malaysia and New Zealand are also involved. 

Jerry Skinner, a lawyer involved with the new claim, told Fairfax “my clients want accountability for the deed.”

“They want enough money to reflect that the Russians take this seriously and serve as a deterrent…

“The issue [over MH17] is will the Russians acknowledge accountability? This is about justice and accountability, not about the biggest sum of money you can get.”
Still, it’s estimated that if the claims covering all passengers were accumulated, the tally would reach an absolutely staggering $3 billion.

If Tony Abbott’s shirtfronting escapades didn’t result in justice for the innocent families involves, hopefully this claim will assign responsibility in an otherwise senseless tragedy.

Source: The Age. 
Photo: Dean Mouhtaropolous / Getty.