Facebook has revealed its latest plans for continued world domination – a cryptocurrency aimed at its billions of users called Libra. The much-awaited announcement also means the social giant will create a subsidiary called Calibra with the first goal of making a digital wallet for its new cryptocurrency.

And while Zuck’s decision to run fast into the cryptocurrency game has been applauded, or criticised, or mocked, some people are realising some striking similarities to another crypto company run by a little duo you might have already heard of: the Winklevi.

Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency Might Be Yet Another Petty Dig At The Winklevi

That’s right, Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, the Olympic rowers / Harvard grads / original founders of Facebook depending on who you believe, have already dipped their toes into the crypto pool.

The pair co-founded a crypto exchange in 2014, back when Bitcoin cost a couple of bucks and no one understood what was going on. People still don’t understand what’s going on, but for whatever reason, the incredibly volatile crypto market – and its most popular coin, Bitcoin – rose through the roof and made both the twins big ol’ buckets of cash.

But no one is accusing Zuckerberg & Facebook of chasing after the Winklevi just because they also have cryptocurrency interests. There’s a bit more of a conspiracy, if you look into it. It’s all to do with the name of the Winklevoss-crypto exchange: Gemini.

Now I’m not an astrologist or crystal expert or whatever is required of you to truly understand this stuff, but even I know both “Gemini” and “Libra” are star signs, right? And you can call me crazy or say I’m reading into shit that isn’t there, but Zuckerberg isn’t exactly a guy who shies away from doing petty shit publicly. I mean, Facebook all started as a website designed to rate women by attractiveness. Nice guy!

There’s also the fact that Zuckerberg chose to launch Libra today – which isn’t within Libra season. That seems like an easy win, right? Or maybe something that doesn’t matter at all. But do you know what season it is right now? Fuckin… Gemini.

It’s almost been 15 years since the Winklevoss v. Zuckerberg case, a lawsuit where the twins accused Zuckerberg of stealing their social media idea and using coding intended for their platform. It ended with Facebook handing the twins $65 million, a portion of which they invested into crypto.

Both the Winklevi came out earlier this week to say they wanted to be “frenemies” with Facebook. “There’s so much pie to grow,” said Cameron.

You could argue Zuckerberg is moving in to cryptocurrency because he sees genuine opportunity in the area. You could believe everything he says in his PR pitches. A bunch of what he says may even be true. But don’t disregard the possibility that parts of this whole thing are just missiles thrown across the court, a bunch of billionaires who hate each other, trying desperately to get the last laugh.

Personally, I think he should’ve called them Zuck Bucks.