Facebook’s Facial Recognition Makes Networking Even Creepier

In another step forward for stalkers and creepy exes Facebook has acquired Israeli facial recognition firm, Face.com so Facebook can know you/r face even better than it already does. Facebook currently uses the firm’s technology to suggest friends for a user to tag in photos they upload – a hilarious/awkward misfires.

“This transaction simply brings a world-class team and a long-time technology vendor in house,” a Facebook spokesperson told BBC News. Old fashioned folk who subscribe to quaint notions of anonymity and personal privacy fear that Facebook is in the process of creating the world’s largest facial recognition database, which may eventually move from the digital world into physical space.

Basically, some day soon anyone will be able to point a smartphone at a babe on the train and be presented with details of their identity, relationship status and personal history, which will render mX’s Looking at you section redundant.

If the facial recognition application is giving you a not-so-fresh feeling of invasion Slate Magazine has the details on how to opt-out.