A 10 year old Finnish boy has been given $US10,000 for hacking into Instagram, which is impressive compared to me being 25 and unable to remember the passwords to any account I have for anything but probably not a huge deal for the Finns, who seem to have cornered the market on child computer geniuses.

Facebook Pays 10-Year-Old Criminal Mastermind $10k For Hacking Instagram

Jani (or as he’s probably known in the hacker chatrooms, ph1nn1$h_ph03nyx), from Helsinki, somehow found a way to mess with shit in Instagram’s database, like being able to change the caption on user’s photos.

Interestingly, instead of changing the text on all of Taylor Swift‘s insta pics to read “I love Jani, he is cute”, he emailed Facebook (who own Instagram) and notified them of the bug, which they’ve since fixed.

Facebook Pays 10-Year-Old Criminal Mastermind $10k For Hacking Instagram

Facebook paid him the 10,000 smackeroos as part of their ‘bug bounty’ program which rewards industrious programmers and security experts for finding issues with their stuff. 

Jani says he’s going to spend the money on a bike and a football, which proves that he might be a computer genius but he’s extremely unimaginative at being a young kid with hella cash. 

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.

Photo: YouTube.