Heads Up Melb Folks, You’ll Have To Start Wearing Fitted Face Masks Within The Next 2 Weeks

Today, Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews announced some easing of restrictions for the second step of the Victorian roadmap out of lockdown. However, there will be no changes to mandatory face masks, with some new requirements on the type of coverings allowed.

“As I’ve said before, wearing a face covering is a small sacrifice – but it makes a huge difference in keeping all of us safe. Because fundamentally, that’s what all of this comes down to,” Daniel Andrews said at the press conference today.

So what type of mask coverings will Victorians be allowed to wear?

What is allowed:

Fitted face masks over the nose and mouth

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What is NOT allowed:

Face shields

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The changes regarding face shields were based on medical advice, as they don’t meet the test for covering the nose and mouth sufficiently, according to Daniel Andrews.

“You can wear one if you want, in terms of your eyes, but it would need to be accompanied by a mask and we would recommend a two-ply mask, but anything is better than nothing, but a shield is akin to not wearing a face covering,” Daniel Andrews said.

“There’s a two-week lag there. We’ll give people the opportunity to transition.

“People have been amazing with this. There‘s been a few cases of people who for whatever reason refuse to wear masks but the vast majority of people, not just in Melbourne, but regional Victoria, they see it as, not something anyone is happy to do, but they see it as something that’s possible and you get a significant benefit from that,” he added.

According to the Victorian Premier, there is no timeline on removing the requirement on face masks.

“I think they play an important part. I don’t think they’re going, not going any time soon,” Andrews said.

There will be a two-week transition period for Victorians to get used to the new requirements. In Victoria, anyone not wearing a face mask outside the home for a non-valid reason will be fined $200.