Police Warn Extra-Strong Pingers Are Circulating In Sydney, Here’s What To Look Out For

extra-strong MDMA is circulating in Sydney

If you’re in Sydney and planning on chewing a few bikkies on New Year’s Eve, be on the lookout for the extra-strong MDMA pills that are thought to be circulating at the moment. 

While for some of you that may be a positive, it’s important to keep a track of how much you’re taking so you don’t over do it.  Basically: be alert, not alarmed. 

NSW Police said they seized blue pingers stamped with a Superman logo which were more than double the strength of regular disco biscuits.

Luckily, it doesn’t appear to be a case of an entirely different substance being sold as MDMA, which happened earlier in the year

While lots of people take drugs safely, there are always risks. Keep an eye out for your friends overheating, seeming agitated or just generally unwell while taking pills over the next few weeks and make sure to get help if you think you need it. 

Acting Medical Director of the NSW Poisons Information Centre Professor Andrew Dawson told 9news.com.au that the hot weather over the break can make overheating on MDMA easier. 

“Hot and humid weather will also increase the dangers, as MDMA causes the body to dangerously overheat, potentially leading to organ failure, loss of consciousness and death,” he said.

“Look after your mates. If you feel unwell, or if your friend feels unwell, do something about it. Don’t ignore it. You won’t get into trouble for seeking medical care.”

Going by his other quotes in the Nine article, he’d probably recommend you just don’t take drugs at all. If you’re planning on it anyway, here are some tips on how to safely have a chemically enhanced boogie. 

A relevant tip when extra-strong drugs are circulating is to take a little bit before having a full dose, to ensure you can handle it.