Extinction Rebellion protests are set to ramp up in Melbourne this week with nude marches, bike protests and traffic disruptions expected all across the CBD this week, according to The Age.

The organiser behind the protest has issued an advanced apology for the protest, but says activists have been left with no choice after the government neglected to act on climate change.

‘‘I’m really sorry that we have to inconvenience people, but unfortunately the government has left us no choice,’’ protester Andrew George said. ‘‘Their criminal inaction is jeopardising all of life on Earth, which means my family, my friends’ children

The ‘Spring Rebellion’ protests are just beginning across the globe, but Melbourne locals can expect disruptions during Monday evening’s peak hour at the busy Flinders and Swanston Street corner. More than 100 protesters are also expected to camp in Carlton Gardens each night this week to prompt government action on climate change.

According to Commander Tim Hansen of the north-west metropolitan police unit said the force will be closely monitoring crowd behaviour throughout the week.

The Spring Rebellion protests will take place all across the globe this week, with Melbourne protesters planning multiple peaceful disruptions across the city.

You can expect protests at RMIT on Swanston St, Alexandra Gardens and Batman Park as well as a string of other protests that will pop up at undisclosed locations across the city over the week. The unannounced protests aim to create maximum disruption to the public in an attempt to raise awareness for the issue of climate change.

‘‘Everyone has a right to protest peacefully without impacting the rest of the community, who also have the right to go about their daily business,’’ Commander Tim Hansen said.

A spokesperson for the Department of Transport has also warned that some tram services, particularly those in the CBD will likely be affected by the protests planned throughout the week.

‘‘Tram passengers travelling in the CBD or Carlton area this week should allow extra time and check the PTV website or smartphone app to get the latest travel advice.”

So far, there’s a “swarm for survival” planned for Wednesday before an “extinction rave” on Friday night and the “nudie parade” that’s scheduled for Saturday.

Commander Tim Hansen and event organisers have both warned that arrests are expected throughout the week.

“Anyone coming to an event in Melbourne looking to disrupt others or create conflict and incite violence can expect a firm response from police,” Hansen said.

However, many members of the Extinction Rebellion are willing to be arrested in order to spread their message.

“Business as usual is ecological and climate disruption. Business as usual is mass extinction, famine, and drought. So it’s time to disrupt business as usual and fight for our survival,” a statement on their Facebook page reads.

Image: Getty Images / Graham Denholm