Gape In Horror At Extinction Rebellion’s Zombie Koala Blinky, Who Returned For A Syd Protest

In good news for anyone on the lookout for a new sleep paralysis demon, Extinction Rebellion has reanimated the corpse of its five-metre-tall waking nightmare koala Blinky.

If you’ve somehow managed to escape the wrath of Blinky, they were first released back in November 2021. Extinction Rebellion staged a whole funeral for Blinky.

I’m sure somewhere My Chemical Romance is making notes for its next tour.

Extinction Rebellion protestors in Melbourne then brought Blinky back in December. Blinky was used to raise awareness about a report by the Victorian parliament into ecosystem decline.

This time, Blinky was used for a pre-election protest in Sydney’s CBD. They were part of Extinction Rebellion’s “Climate Change: Vote Like It’s An Emergency” movement.

The protest was a nonpartisan approach to the election, with particular emphasis on how preferential voting can be used to highlight climate action at the ballot box.

In a series of tweets, Extinction Rebellion explained why it brought out Blinky for the election.

“Unlike the Government, Blinky tells the truth,” the group said.

“They are a visual metaphor of what’s at stake in this climate and ecological emergency: fossil-fuelled fires and floods, ecosystems collapse, extinction.

“Blinky wants to know: What will you vote for this election?”

Who am I to stare down the hellfire eyes of Blinky and refuse to give them an answer?

Blinky also made their way onto the r/sydney subreddit, a true sign of success.

“Mad max furry road,” wrote one commentator in what is a genuinely unbeatable take on the situation.

I hope to see Anya Taylor-Joy and Chris Hemsworth making their very own Blinky for the Mad Max: Furiosa movie.

“Don’t think this would fit in a garage so I am imagining this parked on street parking and all the poor school kids walking home from school getting nightmares passing this,” said another commentator.

I truly can’t think of anything more horrifying after a day of double maths lessons than being confronted by Blinky. As if young people haven’t been through enough.