An Exhausted Firie Stopped His Truck To Straight-Up Tell The PM “Go And Get Fucked”

There’s been a lot of horrific and despondent footage captured throughout the marathon and utterly draining bushfire crisis, but none of it captures the prevailing feeling of anger quite like this.

An exhausted firefighter, barrelling his truck towards yet another blazing site, has brought his rig to a temporary screeching halt to stare directly down the lens of a news crew’s camera, telling Prime Minister Scott Morrison, very bluntly, “go and get fucked.”

[jwplayer gxeBN7Wx]

The unnamed firefighter, who collapsed to the ground out of sheer exhaustion a few moments later, pulled up where cameras from 7News were filming near the town of Nelligen on the NSW South Coast.

The video shows the firefighter, with little prompt, point-blank asking the crew “are you from the media?” before barking “tell the Prime Minister to go and get fucked from Nelligen.”

After he collapsed to the ground, the same firefighter again let loose on the Prime Minister, blasting “I’ve already lost seven houses in Nelligan. I’m not gonna lose any more, dickhead.”

The effort put in by RFS personnel, including all volunteers, is nothing short of superhuman. They’re exhausted, they’re wrecked, they’ve all seen far too much, and they just keep going.

But that clip pretty succinctly captures just how furious they all are as well. They saw all of this coming, they asked to prepare properly, and an insidious, gluttonous, cowardly Government didn’t let them.

So yeah, honestly? Go and get fucked, Scott. Go and get FUCKED.