Exhausted Doggo Gets Carried Down Mountain Trail By Excellent Rescue Team

Woofer lovers, this one’s going to warm your heart. According to Colorado’s 9NEWSKato the Pyrenees Mountain Dog (or Great Pyrenees) was on a hike at Maxwell Falls trail with his humans when the exhausted boy couldn’t go on any longer.

Kato plopped onto the ground, unable to continue and was most likely suffering from dehydration.

As per 9NEWSthe trail can get super steep and is not a task for the fainthearted.

Unable to complete the hike, Kato’s humans called for help because he’s very heavy and were glad to see the volunteer team at Colorado’s Evergreen Fire Rescue respond to their Dog-in-Distress call.

It’s unclear whether Kato’s humans ran out of water or if other factors contributed to his exhaustion.

Taking to their social media, the volunteer organisation shared the successful rescue writing:

“Today’s EFR had a “patient” on the Maxwell Falls trail who was exhausted and most likely dehydrated. About 5 1/2 years old, 120lbs and a fluffy Great Pyrenees named Kato. Good thing Kato’s humans reached out for assistance as they were about 1 mile away from the trail head.” 

120 pounds is about 54kgs which is a big boy but the rescue team seemed to fair well and Kato looked regal as they carried him down the trail on a stretcher.

Turns out that despite their names, Pyrenees Mountain dogs aren’t very suited to hikes.

Maxwell Falls trail is a popular location for day trips in Colorado boasting a 6.4km round trip through a bunch of majestic waterfalls and trees that grow far into the sky. Dogs of every breed are often taken to the trails.

In conclusion: