EXCUSE ME: A ‘Daria’ Party Is Coming To Melbs To Liven Up A Sick Sad World

Feeling morose? Feeling melancholy? The infinite sadness of the late 1990s got you down?
You don’t have to stay inside balling that anxiety up. There’s a dedicated party with all the right glum coming to Melbourne.
Southside legends Supersmall are throwing a full-on, no foolin’, actual ‘Daria‘ party this August to mark the show’s 20th anniversary. It’s set to be both a) incredibly bleak, and b) totally, undeniably awesome.
Transporting the entire venue to Lawndale High, the party will feature a soundtrack of tunes from the show, as well as the show’s era – we’re talkin’ 1997 – 2001 here, where the distortion pedals were cranked up to maximum and all you had to do was shuffle your feet and sway for it to count as dancing. Or in other words THE MOST PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL ERA IN RECORDED MUSIC HISTORY.
There’ll be other fun shit straight out of MTV like Daria-based visuals, a life-sized cutout, and the ubiquitous photo booth which no good party is complete without.
Even better still, there’s a pizza hour from 10pm on the night, because Daria’s philosophy on the food is the most true and correct of all.
A bevvy of drink specials will keep you well and truly liquored up throughout proceedings, even if ole’ Daria was averse to the drink herself. The club’s even got special themed-drinks for the occasion like a Sick Sad Slushie or the mysterious-sounding *Sigh* Spritz.
The club’s encouraging everyone to show up in costume, and the best one on the night will score themselves a $50 bar tab. Decent.
It’s all set to go down at Supersmall in South Yarra on Friday, August 25th. You can get around all the vital details via the event’s Facebook page. Tickets are on sale now and will set you back an insanely affordable $5.
Who knows? Maybe Mystik Spiral will play a surprise set. Although we did hear they were thinking of changing their name…