A Sydney sex worker formerly known as “Misty” has claimed former MP Craig Thomson enlisted her sexual services over several occasions in 2007 for sex – but nothing “kinky”. The details of Misty’s witness statement were revealed yesterday in the Melbourne Magistrates Court, as the prosecution closed its case in the trial against Thomson, 49, who is facing over 140 criminal charges.
Thomson has pleaded not guilty to all the charges, a bulk portion of which pertain to the misuse of union funds during his stint as national secretary of the Health Services Union (HSU) for brothels, escorts and pornography amassing almost $29,000 between the years 2002 and 2008.
In her statement Misty said, “It was only after seeing his appearance on TV that I realised the Craig I had been seeing as an escort is definitely Craig Thomson the politician. I was shocked to see this situation occur, but I have seen him on TV and in the media deny that he used the services of prostitutes. He is lying and I am in no doubt that the Craig I performed a number of sexual services for over a period of time is Craig Thomson the politician.”
She also said, “On occasions when Craig and I met as part of my services he started by offering me a glass of champagne.” Kudos to Craig for that one: if you’re going to spend tax payer’s dollars on masked transactions for sexual services, the least you can do is be good to the prostitutes.
To date, the court has also heard that Thomson had funded personal interstate trips, accommodation and cigarettes for his then-wife using Health Services Union credit cards and accounts; and a statement from a brothel madam who said a patron whose account was under the name “Craig Thomson Health Services Union”, had used a union credit card to pay for the brothel’s services.

The hearing continues today.
Via SMH and ABC News
Photo: Robert Cianflone for Getty Images