Bi-sexual, bi-racial, fine bi-me. THE OPEN PROJECT – a Pedestrian x Smirnoff Collaboration aspires to start a conversation – ranging from newsy pieces to deeper-divers – about the issues worth talking about over the next 12 months. Why? ‘Cause life’s better when we’re open to new ideas, opportunities ’n experiences. Keep reading to find out more.


Our dedicated team is on deck to pour their sweat / efforts / feels into pieces (for young folk like you and I) that’s equally as relevant as it is important in giving us all a voice. More than anything, this new endeavour encourages y’all to open your fine selves up, embrace inclusivity and enjoy the best life you can in the process.

In doing so, it means we’ll be able to go even deeper on exploring topics that are affecting our society, something that – without this collaboration – we wouldn’t otherwise be able to.

P.TV’s Director and Co-Founder – Chris Wirasinha, says:

“This unique partnership will help us expand our coverage – creating meaty features, investigations and video content, along with news updates covering everything from lockouts to love-ins.”

From gender equality in the music industry to discrimination in the workplace and the effect of the lockouts on Sydney‘s bold nightlife – we’re about to get keyboard-deep into the good stuff. Keep your eyes peeled for all the mind-opening material over the next 12 months, fam.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, we’ll be open 24/7 for any enquiries you may have.