Everyone On ‘Veep’ Found Out That Malcolm Turnbull Swiped Their Slogan

If this is a coincidence, call Guinness. Because it’s a bloody big one.

You might have seen the epic confrontation between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and the ABC‘s resident slayer Leigh Sales on The 7:30 Report this past Monday evening.
Turnbull, addressing criticism from his arch nemesis/that goddamned fly that just won’t piss off Tony Abbott that the Turnbull Government is simply coasting on the work of the Abbott Government, attempted to get ahead of the snarky comments from the backbench by employing an unusually Abbott-esque tactic: he hid behind a slogan.
So as you go from one Liberal Prime Minister to another, you have continuity and you have change and there has been a lot of change.

The morning after, Turnbull again repeated the phrase “continuity and change” repeatedly, and it even appeared in official Liberal Party communications.

And then people cottoned on to the fact that the phrase sounded a little too familiar.

As it turns out, “continuity with change” was also the Presidential campaign slogan for Selina Meyer on the excellent HBO series Veep.


Hooooo boy.
If that in and of itself weren’t bad enough, overnight practically the entire cast and crew of Veep found out about the Malc’s fancy new catchphrase, and reacted with about as much exasperation as you’d expect.

Hell, even Chris Addison from the Veep-inspiration UK series The Thick Of It got involved.

But this burn from show writer/producer Simon Blackwell just about takes the cake.

I hope that order for campaign posters you’d clearly already made is refundable, Malc. Yikes.

Source: ABC News/Twitter.