Even Glenn Bloody Lazarus Is Behind Binning The Tampon Tax Now

Here it is, ladies (and gentlemen). We’re in the final, merciful last few weeks before the 2016 Federal Election, and both major parties have once again dug their heels in in regards to the stupidly odd “tampon tax“; the application of the GST to sanitary products such as tampons and pads, which under the current law are mysti-fucking-fyingly classified as “luxury items,” despite being a pretty bloody vital product for around half the population.
The Coalition, under then-Prime Minister Tony Abbott, declared it had no interest in removing the tax last year after Labor repeatedly called for the Government to act, only to have Labor and Bill Shorten turn around this week and themselves confirm they’re not interested in removing the tax because Australia simply “can’t afford” it.
The GST on women’s sanitary products, it should be noted, raises roughly $30 million per year. That’s it. That’s all.
And while we’re scratching our heads at all that malarky, it’s Glenn Lazarus of all people who is one of the few active politicians coming out and standing in favour of scrapping the tax.
Senator Lazarus, the former Palmer United Party member and current Glenn Lazarus Team head honcho announced his “Women Deserve Dignity” policy, which despite its godawful name is shockingly on the money.
In a post to his Facebook page, Lazarus took the tax to task, labelling it “sexist” and “discriminatory.”

“The Glenn Lazarus Team acknowledges the importance of ensuring women are not penalised financially for the need to purchase essential items such as tampons and sanitary napkin (sic) and that women across Australia have access to basic sanitary items during times of difficulty and hardship.”

“Sanitary items are essential products for women and must be GST free.”

“The Glenn Lazarus Team is committed to removing the GST from tampons and sanitary napkins. It is our view these items should be GST free and we will work with the Government of the day to achieve this.”

“Removing GST from tampons and sanitary pads will reduce the unnecessary and unfair financial burden women face every month when buying these essential items.”

“Condoms, lubricants, sunscreen and nicotine patches are all tax-free because they are classed as important health goods.”

“Sanitary items are not a luxury, they are a health and sanitation necessity for women.”

“It is our aim to achieve the removal of the GST from these items as a matter of urgency.”

“We will work with the Government to draft the necessary bill to amend the relevant legislation to enable this.”

“We also believe sanitary items should be made available at no cost to women in Government funded facilities such as crisis and emergency accommodation.”

“The Glenn Lazarus Team is committed to supporting and assisting women across the country and removing the GST from sanitary items.”

“The tampon tax is a sexist, unnecessary, and discriminatory tax which unfairly targets women in our country and it must be abolished.”

And if this whole situation isn’t bonkers enough as is, here’s a bunch of photos of, again, GLENN BLOODY LAZARUS cradling an armful of tampons to show his support for the policy.

Auspol. It never stops being surprising.

Source: Facebook.
Photo: Senator Glenn Lazarus/Facebook.