The Eurogirlies Are Fighting Over Who Gets To Claim Albanese’s Ethnicity & Is This Eurovision?

snippets of news stories discussing Anthony albanese ethnicity

The girls are fighting! And by girls, I mean multiple European nations who are squabbling over which ethnicity Prime Minister Anthony Albanese belongs to. It is truly a strange time we live in.

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, Scott Morrison has been ousted from his role as the leader of our country and in his place we’ve sworn in Albanese.

Obviously this has been huge cause for celebration across the country. Cheers have been made, tears have been shed and now we’re trying to figure out our new normal. But it’s not only Aussies that are all excited over Albanese’s new role — it turns out he’s amassed quite a bit of attention in Italy, Albania and Greece?

Yep, turns out several European nations are squabbling over Albanese’s ethnicity, vying to claim him as their own.

Look, it makes sense The Italian Insider reported on the Labor leader’s huge win. Anthony Albanese is ethnically half Anglo, half Italian. His father was born in Barletta, a city in the region of Apulia, in south eastern Italy.

But Italians better watch out, because Albania is coming for them — with an Albanian news site already claiming the PM as one of its own.

Politiko published an article with the headline: “An ‘Albanian’ is elected the new prime minister of Australia, believed to be of Arbëresh origin” where it reported that actually, technically Albanese is Albanian.

The article explain that “Albanese” literally means “Albanian” in Italian, and that it was a name given to a person from Albania or someone who was from an Albanian settlement in Abruzzo, Apulia, Campania and Sicily.

“In Apulia lives a large community of Arbëresh. It is believed that about 100,000 Arbëresh live there and that the father of the Australian politician also comes from this community,” the article read.

“The Arbëresh are the descendants of Albanian refugees who fled their lands in the Balkans and settled in the southern parts of Italy in the Middle Ages, after the Ottoman conquest of a large part of Europe.”

Oculus News, another Albanian news site, ran the headline: “An Arbëresh wins the elections in Australia, Anthony Albanese the new prime minister.”

But wait, this ethnic squabble doesn’t end there — because now Greece is claiming Albanese too??

Greek City Times published a yarn with the headline: “The Ancient Greek Roots Of Anthony Albanese’s Ancestral Homelands” which argued that actually, if you go even further back, the area Albanese’s father is from is actually Greek.

“The wider Apulia region is one of the richest archaeological regions in Italy and was first colonised by Mycenaean Greeks,” the article reads.

“However, the Apulia region is also home to a large Arbëreshë community – Italo-Albanians. It is believed they number about 100,000 individuals, and includes Anthony Albanese, with the clue in the name.”

At this point Albo is going to have to do a 23AndMe to figure out his exact percentages so the people can find peace at last.