This Eugowra Bloke Went Fkn In On Dominic Perrottet Over The Govt’s Shithouse Flood Response

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet copped an absolute roasting from a Eugowra resident in the wake of massive floods in the state’s Central West.

The area has been hit with heinous flooding, with Eugowra experiencing an “inland tsunami” earlier this week. Tragically, one woman has died in the floods while authorities are also searching for two men.

As reported by the ABC, 90 per cent of the town’s buildings were damaged or destroyed after a huge “wall of water” hit it.

Perrottet was visiting the area on Friday and speaking to reporters when he was interrupted by local resident-slash-ex-cop Peter Jones. And cop it Perrottet certainly did.

“I’m a resident of this place and I’m one of four people in town that haven’t got water in their house,” Jones said.

“I’ve got a number of complaints.”

He then listed those complaints, saying he’d called triple zero and asked for helicopters to be sent, only to be “practically told it’s not major flood”.

“People were just left to their own devices, we had no food, no clothing, no one telling them what’s going to happen next because no one was here,” he said.

Jones then asked Perrottet to respond to some of those complaints. But when Perrottet said “that’s not good enough”, he interrupted with: “That’s not an answer”.

“Well, whatever we can do to make sure that is fixed, we’ll do that,” Perrottet said.

Jones compared the situation in Eugowra to the devastating Lismore floods earlier this year.

“It’s repeating the same thing,” he said.

Absolutely fkn roasted.

Dominic Perrottet confirmed to reporters that Eugowra would be rebuilt in the same spot, saying while the town does experience flooding, this particular instance was a “freak event”. You’d bloody hope so.

“My commitment to Eugowra is we are going to rebuild and rebuild in a very strong way,” he said, per 9News.

“No one is going anywhere. Everyone is coming home.”

Perrottet confirmed he would speak to the insurance council due to concern from locals that they’ll be unable to rebuild in Eugowra ‘cos of insurance.

There are $75,000 and $10,000 rural grants from the state government available for primary producers. Flood-affected residents can apply for emergency disaster relief via Services Australia too.

The Bureau of Meteorology currently has a number of flood warnings for NSW, while the State Emergency Service has advised residents of Bedgerabong and the surrounding areas to prepare for evacuation.