Eric Trump Spectacularly Owns Himself In Hastily-Deleted Ghislaine Maxwell Tweet

Eric Trump

Eric Trump has been mocked for a hastily-deleted Tweet about disgraced socialite Ghislaine Maxwell, after his attempt to make a point ended with him massively owning both himself and his dad.

Trump tweeted out a picture of former president Bill Clinton walking his daughter down the aisle at her wedding, with Maxwell among the guests, her image circled in red.

“Birds of a feather …” he captioned the photo, the implication clearly being that Clinton may also have been involved in Epstein’s alleged underage sex trafficking ring.

Clearly, though, Eric Trump did not think this one all the way though, because as soon as the Tweet went up, his replies were flooded with photos of his own father rubbing shoulders with Epstein.

George Conway, the husband of Trump staffer Kellyanne Conway, was one of many who joined the pile-on, sharing a photo of Donald and Melania with Epstein and Maxwell.

“Seriously, why would he tweet this?” he asked.

Convicted child sex offender Epstein, who died in prison last year, had numerous high-profile associates, including Donald Trump, Bill Clinton and even Prince Andrew.

Both the current and former US presidents have denied clams that they visited the Epstein’s Caribbean island, where the billionaire is accused of abusing several underage girls.

Maxwell was recently arrested by the FBI for her alleged involvement in trafficking underage girls for Epstein, and pressure is mounting on Prince Andrew to come forward and speak to investigators.