A Man Has Built An Entire Room Under The Stairs For His Best Pupper Pal

People will do almost anything for their perfect pupper, cat, bird, ferret, what have you.

Like the Californian man who turned his entire home into an elaborate kitty indoor play centre.

But the brother of a man called Chris might have topped that Californian man. Chris took to Twitter this weekend to show off the great lengths that his brother has gone to for his best friend – he built his French bulldog his very own room under the stairs, Harry Potter-style.

The pictures show the whole process, from work-in-progress to remodelled home, complete with pics of the doggo in question looking extremely content in his new room.

The photographs of himself, friends and family on the walls are just TOO PRECIOUS.

Sadly, according to Chris, the white dog featured in some of the frames passed away a year-and-a-half ago.

Can we have a second for how the floorboards are perfectly matched and level? This is home improvement ART.

And while the internet has been very enthusiastic about the dog who lived in luxury, some concerns have been brought up but were quickly dispelled.

The room is definitely structurally sound, with support beams keeping a roof over pupper’s head. Apparently Chris’ brother and his wife even jumped on the stairs to make sure. Oh, and the light above the doggo has a motion sensor, turning off when he lies down for the night.




Sweet dreams, doggo.