That Legendary ‘End Of Ze World’ Vid Just Landed An Official 2018 Sequel

If you decided to click on this article, there’s a very decent chance you experienced the internet’s transition from anarchic cesspit to mainstream utility. Right in the middle of that period, you likely came across a whole host of proto-viral content. And, if that all sounds familiar, you probably remember The End of the World.

Scribbly drawings, a solid dose of stereotypes, and the evil of George W. Bush adorn the 2003 ur-meme.

We could have left that in the past, a digital shibboleth for the awakening internet user. Nevertheless, a casual 15 years later, animator Jason Windsor has now provided a goddamn sequel to the iconic clip.

End Of Ze World …PROBABLY FOR REAL THIS TIME demonstrates the kind of thematic progression you’d expect, considering the presidency of Donald Trump.

While it’s now receptive to issues outside of climate change and nuclear war – immigration, racism, and the seeming proliferation of open white supremacism make appearances – there’s still enough of that primitive Flash animation charm to bring you back to those early days of yelling at mum to get off the landline.

Oh, and we’re still like WTF, mates. Watch it below: