We Tracked Down The Block’s Alleged ‘International Conwoman’ & The Guy Making New Allegations

Emese Fayk in Madeira

Emese Fayk – the Hungarian-born alleged “international conwoman” who bid $4,256,000 on the winning house on The Block last year – has popped up back in Europe with even more drama attached to her name.

We tracked her down, along with her disgruntled self-described former lover on the remote Portuguese island of Madeira, to find out exactly what’s going on with this latest bout of scam allegations and… claims of a stolen diving watch.

What we do know is, Fayk left Australia early this year. This was after several former partners who had accused her of scamming people in the UK and Hungary, as well as a resort in Costa Rica.

That’s not to mention the allegations that she fabricated her backstory, in which she claims to have consulted for the United Nations and graduated from the University of West London and Columbia University, neither of which have records of her attendance.

The latest drama surrounding Fayk involves a man named Steve Segar Selva, who claims to have had a brief fling with her in Madeira, where she allegedly went by the name Abigél Fuchs.

PEDESTRIAN.TV reached out to the two of them, and they both accused each other of being dodgy for various reasons.

The two are no longer together in any sense of the word, if there ever was one, but their allegations have added a whole new layer to the ongoing saga of the alleged “international conwoman” who bid on the winning house on The Block.

Here’s what we do know, and what we don’t know.

Abigél Fuchs or Emese Fayk? (Supplied)

Where on Earth is Emese Fayk?

She won’t say.

Fayk has left the island of Madeira and is believed to be somewhere else in Europe.

“I don’t want to share my exact location because I managed to fly under the radar and it helped a great deal with my mental health while dealing with all this,” she told P.TV.

She also clarified that her recent Instagram video wasn’t filmed on Madeira, either.

The strong winds, white sandy beaches, and the song “Águas de Março” playing in the background are all hints as to her whereabouts, but we’ll leave it at that.

Emese Fayk’s latest video, coming to you from an undisclosed beach. (Instagram / @__wampire)

Who is this dude in Madeira?

The man who is responsible for the latest bout of allegations against Fayk is Singaporean cryptocurrency trader Steve Segar Selva.

He’s currently living on the Portuguese island of Madeira – the very same island where Fayk jetted off to earlier this year.

Segar Selva claims to have met Fayk on Tinder in February of this year.

“[I] realised she was a scammer early April,” he claimed in a message to P.TV.

Steve Segar Selva serving Elon Musk realness. (Supplied)

Fayk reckons these allegations are all nonsense.

“He is a guy who is used to money buying ‘his way’. That didn’t work with me. He started threatening me right away that he is going to make my life living hell,” she told P.TV.

Fayk was keen to point out that back in 2012, Segar Silva plead guilty to falsely claiming to have lost his passport while applying for a new one, when in fact his existing passport was being heled by someone else as assurance for a debt owed.

Segar Selva told P.TV that his motive in this whole thing is to make sure others don’t fall for the same alleged scams, and that his past convictions have nothing to do with the current allegations.

Emese Fayk’s new look to “slay the haters”. (Instagram / @__wampire)

What even is Madeira?

Madeira is a very curious place in it is own right.

It’s a tiny, remote island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean that belongs to Portugal. It’s also a tax haven and home to a rocky outcrop which, by way of come convoluted legal gymnastics, attempted declare independence from Portugal as the so-called Principality of Pontinha and make its official currency Bitcoin.

We asked Segar Selva (who’s a cryptocurrency trader) whether he had any involvement with this scheme but he said no and laughed it off.

Still, it’s a fun backdrop for the latest chapter of this “international conwoman” saga.

What are the allegations about Fayk scamming her landlord?

Segar Selva is in the process of setting up a business to help people move to Madeira, but he didn't actually help Fayk settle down there, nor was he her landlord.

The Daily Mail reported that Fayk has been accused of sending her landlord in Madeira fake proof of payment slips, just like she was accused of doing with the winning house on The Block.

The landlord told the Daily Mail that Fayk sent them ANZ bank transfer screenshots for thousands of dollars. That money never came, they claimed, and Fayk ultimately only coughed up a few hundred Euros in cash.

It mirrors a slew of previous allegations against Fayk about Photoshopping ANZ internet banking screenshots.

"She has a history of sending doctored and bogus bank statements and messages," one former partner in the UK alleged to P.TV.

Fayk denied having a landlord in Madeira or any formal rental agreement. Segar Selva claimed her arrangement was informal due to her landlord not wanting to pay taxes during the pandemic.

Email screenshots purportedly sent between Steve Segar Selva and Emese Fayk. (Supplied)

What's Steve Segar Selva's motive for making these public allegations against Fayk?

"[I] came out in the media to make sure she doesn't scam the next person whom she meets, be it emotionally or financially," he said.

Segar Selva feels most hard done by by what he calls an "emotional scam". Again, it's not quite clear what that was, but Fayk denies that the were ever a real couple to begin with.

There are two other, more material things Segar Selva alleges Fayk took from him: a GoPro and a diving watch. He's filed a police report but Fayk denies both allegations.

"The diving watch he claims I stole is not a watch. It’s a diving computer. So he doesn’t even know what he wants to claim as stolen?" Fayk told P.TV.

Fayk, on the other hand, says this is yet another case of a former fling trying to ruin her life by causing a stir in the press.

It's the case of a literal 'he said, she said', at the moment, and things are just getting murkier and murkier. Now that cops and lawyers are involved, hopefully someone can get to the bottom of it.