Embrace Technology’s Inevitable Hold Over You With These Rewarding Apps

PEDESTRIAN.TV’s partnered with our v. good pals, Nando’s, to showcase some of the most rewarding apps going ‘round. Seeing as our phones are now essentially extensions of our bodies, you may as well be utilising it to achieve the most rewarding experience possible. The PERi-Perks app is all about rewarding its members with goodness – we’ll be featuring it in the article below so keep reading and find out more/look at all the cool stuff the app can provide by visiting the PERi-Perks page HERE.

It’s funny how apps were designed to make our lives easier but ended up making them all the more complicated. From incessant push-notifications, to bugs – it’s hard to find anything that’s worthwhile downloading, let alone something that rewards you for interacting with it. We thought we’d throw together a collection of our favourite apps that we couldn’t live without. We can personally vouch that you’ll feel rewarded just by opening them.

Honourable mentions to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat. Obviously we couldn’t live without you – we are, after all, your humble servants.

If PEDESTRIAN.TV had a game/app cousin, QuizUp would fit the bill. It’s packed to the flamin’ rafters with pop culture themed trivia (topics include: Obscure Seinfeld Quotes, Odd Historical Deaths, Lesbian Youtubers and Name The Disney Character) as well as old faves (General Knowledge, World Capitals, Sex And The City, Impressionism – y’know, the usual).  
The app allows you to challenge your mates in real-time to see who’s more of an authority on the topic. 
QuizUp is the perfect way to have some PG +13 fun while still feeling genius AF. 
Speaking of feeling genius AF, iTunes U will also help in this regard. Before continuing, we’d like to take the opportunity to say that iTunes U is one of THE more underrated apps going around (not in terms of star-ratings, they’re doing just fine in that department – but in terms of everyone not using it 24/7).
Say you’re studying commerce, but have always had an interest in psychology – iTunes U provide’s a plethora of psychology-related courses from legit, A+ institutions (including materials from: Stanford, Yale, MIT, Oxford, McGill University, La Trobe University, University of Tokyo, Museo Nacional del Prado, Smithsonian Libraries, National Theatre, Library of Congress and many more) for you to get amongst. It’s a university at your finger tips that won’t aid in (amazingly enough) accruing one hell of a HECs debt.  
Nando’s lovers are well acquainted with this app. It’s streamlined Nando’s rewards program, PERi-Perks, so that you don’t have to deal with pesky loyalty cards cluttering up your wallet/purse (unless you’re into that whole thing ‘cause they’re still around). Seeing as Nando’s know you’ve got quite the App-etite, and believing that your loyalty deserves a reward, each dollar you spend will equal one Ppoint – yep, $1 = 1 Ppoint. You’ll be able to redeem them on all sorts of things through the PERi-Perks website (check it out HERE), be invited to VIP events and be surprised with random acts of kindness. 
Some of us in the PEDESTRIAN.TV office are hardcore users of the CatchOfTheDay app. If you’re a ~bargain addict~, pls avoid. Stocking products related to sports, fashion, home, beauty, streetwear, tech and more, CatchOfTheDay operates by offering you prices of big-name brands that you really couldn’t say no to. 
At 12pm, they let you know the first catch of the day which is conveniently sent to you via push-notification (if you so choose). If the catch wasn’t your cup of tea then there’s more products released on sale at 4pm and 7pm. It’s dangerous, people. 
They carry over 500 brands (equating to 1,500 different product types) at prices that are offensively cheap. Products are shipped within 1-3 days with the same postage fee applied to all orders.
Headspace has stripped the complexity away from meditation (something that should have been done a long time ago, mind you). The mediation lessons range from 2 minutes to a whole hour. so they’re perfect for us busy-peeps constantly on the go who’re in desperate need of some R&R. 
You’ll be rewarded for regular interaction with the app (excluding the benefits you’ll experience by default) and there’s a buddy system as well so you and your friends can motivate each other on your ~mindful~ journey.
Sleep Cycle is an alarm clock on steroids – and quite possibly the most useful app on the market. 
“As you sleep you go through different phases, ranging from deep sleep to light sleep. The phase you are in when your alarm goes off is critical for how tired you will feel when you wake up,” says the app’s description (if you’re thinking the app’s description might embellish itself a lil’ bit, don’t worry – it’s the #1 Paid app in the US, UK, Japan, Germany + more).
“Since you move differently in bed during the different phases, Sleep Cycle can use the microphone or accelerometer in your iPhone to monitor your movements and determine which sleep phase you are in.”
“Sleep Cycle wakes you when you are in your lightest sleep phase.”
By being woken during your lightest sleep phase, you’ll feel far more alert/energetic instantly, as well as throughout the day. 
What a time to be alive, people. What a time to be alive. 
The Nando’s Australia App, just like all the +A apps that’ve been featured, is well worth a download. Get amongst all the chicken-related goodness HERE.

Photos: iTunes App Store.