If you’re feeling like you’re slowly descending into madness in self-isolation, you’re probably not on Emily Ratajkowski’s level yet because the 28-year-old model just threw a wedding for… her dog.

Em hosted a backyard wedding for her beloved pooch Colombo (who she owns with husband Sebastian Bear-McClard) and Josh Ostrovsky’s (The Fat Jewish) dog Happy.

Before you jump down her throat for being irresponsible, Em and her husband are quarantining with Josh and his wife Caitlin King, so they’re not breaking any social distancing regulations with this bit of harmless fun. Calm down everyone.

Ratajkowski took to Instagram to share some BTS pics of the wedding. May I remind you, this is a dog-wedding, not a human wedding. And yes, I am incredibly jealous.

“Quarantined together so why not marry our children? They love each other so much. Congrats Happy and Colombo ????????✨5.2.20,” she captioned her Instagram post.

Caitlin King, who married Ostrovsky last November, also shared pics of the intimate dog ceremony on her Instagram.

“happy and colombo furever ???????????? 05.02.2020,” she captioned the post.

Considering Ratajkowski’s real HUMAN wedding was a simple courthouse soirée, it’s interesting to see that she pulled out the whole nine yards for her four-legged friend.

But honestly, can you blame her? Colombo deserves nothing but the best.

If you’re bored in isolation, why not throw a wedding for your dog? Don’t have a dog? Fuck it, plant wedding. I’m sure your Monstera really wants to marry that handsome Swiss cheese plant in your corner.