Elon Musk’s Underlings Claim Tesla Is “A Shit Show” Under His Leadership

This has been an extraordinarily rough couple of months for Tesla founder Elon Musk. There was the time he called a heroic rescue diver a paedophile; the time Azealia Banks showed up at his house and spent the next week trolling him and leaking details about his dick; the time a poorly thought-out Tweet led to an SEC investigation into his company. I’ve probably left a few out, but you get the point.

Overnight, adding insult to injury, the New York Post ran an extremely shady hit piece on the beleaguered tech tycoon, in which a number of current Tesla employees lobbed criticism at their boss, and spoke about the general sense of disarray at the company right now. It’s really not pretty. Just how bad is it? One anonymous underling told the publication:

“Elon talks about being a socialist and doing good for mankind – unless you work for [Tesla]. It’s a shit show.”

Last year, a Wall Street Journal article revealed that more than a dozen people had resigned from the company, noting the deep divide between the promises made by Musk and the ability of its engineers to deliver. Another source claimed that employees are increasingly losing trust in the founder, who has gotten away with “saying things that don’t make sense, because he’s accomplished so much.”

Another employee, identified as a sales rep, described meetings where employees go around the table praising Musk, and said that it is difficult to dissuade the founder from his “unrealistic” ideas about the capabilities of Tesla vehicles. The source said:

“He is very difficult to move off his stance … He’ll say, ‘The car can do X, Y or Z,’ and yes, that is possible – two decades from now,. He bases his argument on the physically possible rather than the practical reality.”

Elon Musk hasn’t responded to the Post’s piece, but in a recent New York Times article, he described this past year as “excruciating”, saying he hasn’t taken a week’s vacation since 2001, and that he works 120 hours a week, often sleeping at his factory.

A number of Tesla board members and concerned outsiders have urged him to take a break from Twitter, and although he and his girlfriend Grimes recently unfollowed each-other, he remains on the platform.