Elon Musk Casually Deletes Tesla & SpaceX FB Pages For Twitter Challenge

In case you missed it, Facebook’s currently trapped in a huge data privacy shit storm. The gist of that matter is that user data has been leaked and people ain’t very happy about it. In protest, many have deleted their Facebook pages and called for others to do the same. One of these people include WhatsApp co-founder, Brian Acton who tweeted, “It is time. #deletefacebook” to the whole world. Who else but Elon Musk replied and after being challenged to do so by other Twitter users, Elon deleted the Facebook pages for his companies, Tesla and SpaceX. 

Sucks to be Mark Zuckerberg. 

So, here’s Brian’s first tweet.

And then a few days later, Elon replied with this.

Joke or not, no one would be surprised if Elon was too caught up in his own world to know what Facebook was.

Again, sucks to be Mark.

Then this happened. Twitter user @serdarsprofile challenged Elon to delete the SpaceX Facebook page.

To which Elon replied to with this rather savage response.

“I didn’t realise there was one. Will do.” 


Once again, sucks to be Mark.

People were sceptic as to whether or not Elon would actually do it but lo and behold he actually did.

Check the URL in the picture and you’ll see that Elon really did have the SpaceX Facebook page removed.

Then another Twitter user asked if Elon would banish the Tesla Facebook page too and guess how he responded? Clue: you won’t get the answer.

“Looks lame anyway.”

Well, alright then.

So, how did Twitter react?


I don’t think social media platforms are Elon’s thing but maybe if he’s bored or has a spare ten minutes…

Obviously, some people were a bit upset by the sudden deletion but Savage Elon didn’t care.

Honestly, who is this man?

Combined, the Tesla and SpaceX Facebook pages had about five million followers but Elon couldn’t care less ‘cos he’s Elon fucking Musk.