Elon Musk & Amber Heard Are Being Undercover Cuties At Splendour’s Gold Bar

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We don’t mean to brag, but we’ve definitely spotted tech wizard and possible saviour of mankind’s energy future Elon Musk chilling with beautiful bae Amber Heard at Splendour In The Grass
Our troops on the ground at Splendour snapped this sneaky pic of the couple in the VIP section’s Gold Bar:
They’ve been spotted all over ‘Straya in recent months, as Heard has been shooting Aquaman with mega-hunk Jason Momoa, and Musk has been… I don’t know, having secret meetings to secure funding for the robots we’ll all end up building and maintaining after the inevitable rise of technocommunism, probably.
But for now, at Splendour, the couple looked very comfortable with one another, grabbing a drink with two other (unidentified) friends. We saw them sneak off after not too long, presumably to catch Queens of the Stone Age‘s set.
Ahh, to be fabulously wealthy, famous, beautiful, and attending Splendour in the best possible way: as a VIP. Lucky lovebirds.
Image: Instagram / @AmberHeard.