Ellen DeGeneres Sends Aussies To L.A. After Dance-Off Victory

As part of her latest Oprah-eque talkshow stunt Ellen DeGeneres is not only bringing the US of A to Australia, but vice versa. Executing a foolproof plan today from her Californian studios, the talk show host offered the same (but opposite) trip to Australian fans who were willing to participate in a dance off this morning at the Sydney Opera House. Via a twitter call out yesterday, Ellen urgered her Australian fans, particularly those who could make it to Sydney with a current passport and were willing to jump on a plane to Los Angeles the same afternoon, to get involved for their chance to appear on The Ellen Show

Around 250 people flocked to the Opera House this morning, hoping to be hand-selected by Ellen herself via live cross  at around 11am today, eager to stand out from the crowd through a series of singing and dancing selection tasks. At this stage it appears that two lucky ladies have taken out the honours, and as a result have already been whisked off to the airport.

Information is still a bit sparse as to who the two lucky (and currently unnamed) winners are, however after some online supersleuth investigation, we’ve unearthed THIS photo of the winners, courtesy of none other than Entertainment Reporter Angela Bishop’s instagram and twitter feeds. She tweeted earlier this afternoon: 

On #tennews tonight meet the lucky Sydney girls off to LA to meet #Ellen


Do you recognize these lovely Ellen fans? Let
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