ELLE Australia Launches Sleek Website Ahead Of September Print Edition

The recently announced addition to newsstands, Australia’s very own version of ELLE magazine, brings a beacon of hope to print-loving-optimists, with a fresh start to the typically ridiculed medium, plastered surreptitiously with a blatant expiry date of “yesterday.

ELLE Australia is striding onwards from that unfortunate visual gaffe that started the magazine, and have just made their accompanying website go live this morning. In praise of all things #fashun, the fluid and gleaming new website for ELLE hints at what its print edition will surely bring: lust-worthy street style snaps, sartorial news, insty loves, an intriguing list How To Be A Twat In Tuscany (write about it on ELLE?), and beauty tutorials to rescue you from looking like the inevitable peasant that you are.

In all seriousness, ELLE Australia will be a warmly welcomed addition to the Australian print landscape, and with Miss Vogue Australia launching soon to whet similar style-hungry appetites, it looks like we’re all about to get far more fashionably educated via glossy spreads. With ELLE launching in September, let’s hope the heralding of a new season and pathway to summer inspires something original for their debut edition: