It’s all about Will “Egg Boy” Connolly in episode 2 of PEDESTRIAN.TV’s new Facebook Watch series 15 Minutes. Hosted by Nina Oyama, our brand new show takes you across the country to relive some of our most iconic viral moments in history, and the people behind them.

Immediately after egging former QLD Senator and bitter lemon Fraser Anning, Will thought he was royally screwed.

“[The cops] were telling me, you know, ‘you’re likely to get charged’ – I’m thinking my life’s over, like what have I done, this is so stupid,” he told us when we hung out at his family home in Melbourne.

But instead of calling MuUuuUuuuMm or you know, legal help, Will asked the cops to drop him off at lunch. No really, he did.

“[The cops] were going to drive me home, and I was like, “No, just drive me to get lunch with my mates.”

And about a couple of minutes into his grub, Will’s mate turned to him and said, “What the hell, you’re on Facebook.”

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, The New York Times, you name it – Will was on it.

“My grandparent’s got this for my birthday,” he shared holding up a scrapbook with his face on it. “It’s just a collection of all these articles and photos, the original police statement, The Project interview.”

The scrapbook also contains pics of the apartment the Connolly family had to stay in when the media were camped outside his house 24/7. It was that intense, and it still is.

“I can’t go out at night and be my complete, like, true dickhead self if I want to or blow off some steam because people are always watching me,” he shared.

And yeah, the fame can be lonely but Will wouldn’t take any of it back because all of it – the good and the bad – will always be worth the “sweet satisfaction” of cracking an egg on the head of a dickhead racist.

Check out our interview with Will:

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