The Blessed Egg Boy Has Been Honoured With His Own Mural In Melbourne

Over the weekend a national hero emerged from the ashes of an unfathomably awful situation: Egg Boy. A plucky young 17-year-old who physically stood up to noted racist Senator Fraser Anning – the political scab on the ass of the nation the doctor is ordering you to not pick off – and egged the absolute christ out of his deadshit head.

[jwplayer iBGEdOGB]

In the hours since Egg Boy landed the almost perfect bumnut blow on the dense scone of Senator No Votes, memes, art, poems, and swathes of associated tributes have been posted in honour of the plucky young lad, born Will Connolly, the largest and most prominent of which now sits pride of place in Melbourne’s most iconic laneway.

Artist Van T Rudd – who, for the record, is Kevin Rudd‘s nephew – has immortalised the eggy moment on a wall in Hosier Lane, plastering the exact moment of the egg slap several feet high in paint.

Fitting, just, and joyous. The art we deserve, for the hero we probably don’t.

Egg Boy’s rise into the public eye has been rather meteoric, almost unprecedentedly so: His Instagram account now sports a whopping 400,000 followers, several prominent musicians and artists have offered him free tickets for life to their shows, and a crowdfunding campaign raising money for his “legal fees” and also “more eggs” has raised just shy of $40,000 (the vast majority of which Egg Boy has asserted will be donated to causes benefitting the victims of Friday’s horrendous Christchurch mosque terrorist attack).

Meanwhile, Anning has also received a fair amount of attention since he opened his dumbass mouth in the immediate moments following Friday’s attack: a petition demanding his removal from Parliament has surpassed one million signatures, making it by far and away the largest campaign in history.

Egg Boy rules. We love the Egg Boy.