You all obviously remember Harambe, the gorilla who died. If you don’t, well, Harambe was a gorilla who died. Big ol’ dead gorilla. Anyway, he became one of 2016’s greatest memes, but all of that ends right fucking now. Harambe is shit and nobody likes him anymore, so please instead turn your attention to TED Talk Gorilla.

Like sands through the hourglass so are the memes of our lives, and as we farewell one gorilla meme, we must welcome a new one and thanks must go to the memelords for gifting us this picture of a particularly handsome furry boi from L.A. Zoo, gesticulating like he’s midway through the most fire TED talk this side of YouTube.

My dude out here looking like Anthony Hopkins giving a second-act exposition monologue to the movie’s protagonist. 

My man straight up pitching for votes in the upcoming gorilla election.

My G-Rilla looks like he’s crushing his spoken word poetry on the dangers of the bourgeoisie at the local speakeasy.

With Haramabe now thankfully forgotten forever, the internet has gone in hard on TED Talk Gorilla, and here are the spiciest of the memes thus far:

Eat Shit Harambe, ‘TED Talk Gorilla’ Is The Newest/Best Primate Meme

Yeah, ok that last one sucked ass, but it’s a fresh as hell meme, meaning quality ratio is still low. More will follow, trust us.

In conclusion, we love you TED Talk Gorilla. Harambe? Jog on, mate.

Photo: Twitter / L.A. Zoo.