YAY: A NSW Sanctuary’s Had Its Biggest Ever Breeding Season Of Near-Extinct Eastern Quolls

It’s Wednesday and we’re all a bit flat because the weekend is so far away. So I thought I’d cheer us all up with a feel-good animal story, because why the hell not?

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The good folks at Aussie Ark, a NSW sanctuary located in the Barrington Tops, have been working to boost the population of the endangered Eastern quoll, which has been extinct on the Australian mainland since 1963 (and it’s believed there’s fewer than 10,000 of them left in Tasmania).

Just look at them!

Eastern quoll
Credit: Aussie Ark

Today Aussie Ark announced they’ve had a boonta breeding season this year, counting a grand total of 51 blessed Eastern quoll joeys in pouches. Yay.

It’s the sanctuary’s biggest breeding season yet, which is great for their mission to boost the insurance population of these precious lil’ creatures to prevent them from ever becoming totally extinct.

Eastern quoll
Credit: Aussie Ark

I did a fair bit of research into Tasmanian tigers for an episode of Pedestrian’s podcast All Aussie Mystery Hour, and it pained me that more efforts weren’t put into protecting them when we could.

It’s organisations like Aussie Ark that do the good work by making sure what happened to the Tassie tiger doesn’t happen to the Eastern quoll, or any other endangered species. (You can find out more about that sad story in the podcast below).

If you want to support Aussie Ark’s work, you can “adopt” an Eastern quoll for just $25 a month. Head to the official site right HERE to find out more about their work and how you can help.