Victoria’s Country Fire Authority (CFA) has warned several East Gippsland communities that it’s too late to leave their properties as an uncontrolled blaze burns through the Wingan River region.

Residents of East Gippsland townships Furnell, Tamboon, and Tamboon South have been advised to seek shelter from the 27,000 hectare blaze, which is burning some 20km from the Cann River and is expected to tear west thanks to strong sea breezes.

“It is too late to leave. Shelter in place,” the CFA said in an official warning.

“Stay aware of the current situation. Emergency Services will not be able to help you.”

Citing Bureau of Meteorology’s senior forecaster Michael Efron, The Age reports that fire is now producing its own miniature weather system, complete with lightning.

The announcement comes one day after the CFA ordered the evacuation of the East Gippsland region in the face of extreme weather and horrific fire risks.

The Bureau of Meteorology predicts the temperature is expected to climb above 40C in the area, with the chance of thunderstorms and very little rain in the afternoon.

Emergency services are monitoring horrific conditions across the state, which remains under a total fire ban.

Residents in affected communities should keep tabs on the VIC Emergency website and ABC Local Radio.

Image: CFA