The East Coast Is Set To Cop A ‘Widespread Drenching’ So Kiss Your Vitamin D Goodbye

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Hold onto your brollies because it looks like the vitamin D deficiency we’re all experiencing on the east coast is going to continue with a vengeance. Seek shelter and brace for impact, my friends, a “widespread drenching” is coming for us. Will we ever see the sun again??? Will this bad weather ever end???

Once a week the east coast gets a tiny glimpse of sunshine peering through the clouds. A tiny glimmer of hope. And then the rain returns to fuck up our plans.

According to meteorologists, it’s going to be a pretty wet week for Australia’s eastern side. Queensland, New South Wales and the ACT are gonna cop a serious sprinkle lasting right up until the weekend.

The Bureau of Meteorology issued “dangerous and life-threatening flooding” warnings for parts of Queensland and NSW on Tuesday.

Be safe out there folks, the rain isn’t kidding around these days. If your road veers close to one of the flood zones, be sure to avoid it, especially if it’s raining.

“We’re anticipating widespread moderate riverine flooding,” said Sky News Meteorologist Rob Sharpe.

“It’s only a small chance at this stage to reach major flood levels — it’s not quite as big an event as what we had back in 2017. But you can’t rule it out with this type of weather system.

“This event also spreads into NSW, particularly the inland areas, which will see some of the heaviest rain.

“The Murray Darling Basin as a whole is looking at a widespread drenching which will continue to elevate flows.”

Weather forecasts have predicted severe thunderstorms in the Queensland areas of Townsville, Rockhampton, Mackay and Cairns. 50-99mm of rain is expected to fall.

Meanwhile, Brisbane and surrounding areas will see a light drenching with 35-60mm of rain predicted.

Inland NSW is expected to hit 30-60mm, while the city of Sydney and its surrounding suburbs will hit 10-20mm later this week.

All three people in Canberra are predicted to see 25mm of rain, while eastern Victoria will hit a light rainfall of 15-25mm of rain.

Stay safe out there friends!