March is Sustainability Month at PEDESTRIAN.TV – every day until Earth Hour on March 28th, we're bringing you all the facts around how you can get involved, both politically and personally, in fighting for climate action. Want the basics? Head here.

Amid all the coronavirus chaos March has brought us, it’s been easy to forget everything else going on in the world. The news cycle has been filled with horrific statistics and constant updates that affect our daily goings-on – and rightly so. But the environment is still in peril, and giving a shit about it is still extremely important.

Enter Earth Hour. It happens every year, or at least has been since 2007. It was started in Sydney, can you believe, by WWF Australia. Since its inception it’s grown like crazy, and now hundreds of millions of people around the world in more than 7,000 cities in over 180 countries participate.

1. When Is It?

Earth Hour 2020 is on this Saturday, 28th March 2020. It kicks off at 8.30pm in whatever your local time zone is, and finishes an hour later at 9.30pm.

2. What Do I Do?

Just switch off your lights! Use candle light, and you can still use your phone – actually, that leads to my next point.

3. What Can I Do In The Dark?

Ummmm, a lot of things. I think you know what I’m hinting at, lol. But also – this year, because COVID-19 has put us all indoors, Earth Hour is doing something a lil’ different. If you follow #EarthHourLive or head to their webpage, you can watch live-streamed music acts and other entertainment.

4. What’s The Point?

Earth Hour isn’t actually about cutting down on electricity and fossil fuel consumption. I mean, it is – but not the act itself. The world turning the lights off for an hour obviously won’t have a massive long-term impact. But Earth Hour is about more than that – it’s a symbolic act and a time to reflect on what we can all do as individuals, and as a globe, to limit energy consumption and care for the planet a bit more.

If you’re keen and want updates, you can sign up to commit to Earth Hour here.