Like A Scene From ‘Saw’, Dutch Police Find Dentist-Style Torture Chamber In Shipping Container

In a literal nightmare-scenario-turned-reality, police have uncovered a makeshift torture chamber in a Dutch village that absolutely resembles something you’d expect to see in a Saw film.

Late last month, police broke into a series of shipping containers in Wouwse Plantage, a village south of Roosendaal, near the Belgian border. To everyone’s horror, the police discovered that the containers were home to various prisons, as well as a soundproof dentist-style torture chamber. (If the hairs on the back of your neck didn’t immediately stand up, I just don’t know what will.)

The chamber, which you can view in the police footage below (if you’re able to stomach it), contained a literal dentist’s chair, alongside various torture devices such as scalpels, pliers and handcuffs.

“In each of the cells, handcuffs were attached to the ceiling and floor, in order to be able to chain someone standing up with their arms raised,” the Dutch National Prosecutor’s Office said in a statement. “The rooms were finished with noise isolating panels and heat-insulating foil.”

6 men have been arrested in relation to the makeshift site.

Fortunately, the chamber had not been used yet, as police were able to tap into the group’s chat network prior to the raids, find out who the intended victims were and subsequently put them into hiding.

Still, the thought of a makeshift dentist-themed torture chamber existing in a Dutch village is enough to give even the bravest of souls some nightmares.

Check out the hair-raising police footage via Dutch broadcaster Omroep West.