A Dutch Coronavirus Test Site Has Been Hit By A Suspected Bomb Attack At The Crack Of Dawn

Dutch coronavirus bomb attack

A coronavirus test centre in the Dutch town of Bovenkarpsel, north of Amsterdam, was hit by a massive explosion at around 6:55am (local time) on Wednesday. Police now believe that a bomb of sorts was deliberately put there, but it’s still anyone’s guess as to who did it.

The explosion managed to shatter the building’s windows and could be heard by passers-by, but thankfully no-one was hurt.

“A small metal object or pipe, 10cm in length, was attached to the side of the COVID-19 test centre,” a North Holland police spokesperson told Euronews.

Dutch Health Minister Hugo De Jonge called the suspected attack “insane”.

“Let’s back the people who are working hard to get us out of this crisis,” he tweeted.

The whole site is now out of action and the bomb squad has been called in to investigate the rubble.

While we don’t know anything concrete about potential suspects or motives just yet, all signs point to a premeditated attack on the coronavirus test site, with police saying the explosive device “must have been placed” there deliberately.

“We don’t know yet exactly what exploded, the explosives experts must first investigate,” the spokesperson added.

“What we’re saying is that something like that doesn’t just happen by accident, it has to be laid.”

Similar incidents have already occurred in the Netherlands, with one coronavirus testing centre being set on fire earlier this year, and suspicious fireworks being found at another.

At a time when anti-vaxxers, anti-lockdown protesters, and pretty much every conspiracy theorist under the sun are all threatening to take action against the government and/or medical authorities, plenty of suspects come to mind as culprits for attacks like this.

But with the world slowly beginning the vaccination process, let’s hope no more of these attacks slow down our progress.