Dumpling the blind, overweight Labrador has found her forever home and I’m sobbing about it.

The adorable golden Labrador went viral recently after her carer shared her heartbreaking story on social media.

At 10-years-old, Dumpling was abandoned at a pound on the Gold Coast after having puppies.

She lost both of her eyes because they caused her “a lot of pain”, but was hopeful to find a new family.

“Unfortunately, I was dumped at the pound at 10 years old, blind, overweight and alone.

Since being in care I have lost over 13 kg so I would like a new family to help me stay on this weight loss journey (although I really don’t have much more weight to lose). As I am now older I find that small frequent walks are perfect for me.

As you can tell I have no eyes; I had to lose them as they were causing me a lot of pain. Now I am pain free and ready to find my new furever home,” ‘Dumpling’ wrote on the Labrador Rescue Facebook page.

“I don’t need much in life, just a nice warm home in which to enjoy my last few years,” the post concluded.

Thankfully, after a huge influx of support Dumpling was able to be matched up with her forever family, who moved her into their home on Saturday.

After a whopping 63 applications from potential families, Dumpling’s carer Ashleigh decided the Ingebrigtsen family were the lucky ones.

Dumpling’s new dog mum Debbie and dog dad Craig Ingebrigtsen welcomed the adorable 10-year-old in with open arms.

“She’s adorable, we’re really grateful that we’ve been given the opportunity to look after her and give her the wonderful life that she deserves,” Debbie told 7News.

The couple already have another Labrador named Bob, who will make a perfect companion for Dumpling while she settles into her new home.

“Bob’s a good boy and loves other animals and people so I’m sure he will welcome Dumpling into our house,” Craig said.

Since being dumped at the pound, Dumpling has lost an incredible 13 kilograms and has gained a loving new family.

Image: Facebook / Labrador Rescue