Dude’s Bee-Wearing World Record Vid Is Horrifying, A Lil’ Impressive

We’re not going to say achieving any mention on the Guinness Book Of Records is a piece of piss, but damn, there have got to be easier ways to get in than saturating yourself in over sixty kilograms of live bees.

That didn’t stop Ruan Liangming from trying. He’s apparently a bloke who doesn’t wuss out of a challenge, even if that means attaching sixty queen bees to his person with the intention of being buried in live, stinging insects. 

In a recently released video for the Italian iteration of the show, Mr Ruan is shown standing pretty bloody still as his assistants douse him with the lil’ black & yellow bastards. 

The Nicholas Cage vibes are heavy on this one. He pulled it off though, successfully taking out the title for the longest amount of time with a head encased by bees. 

Good job. Well done. Please see a doctor.

Photo: Youtube.