Consider this your daily piece of zen wisdom from your pals here at PEDESTRIAN.TV: If you are consciously aware that you might do a murder, do not do that murder. And definitely don’t Tweet about maybe doing the murder beforehand.

A 21-year-old bloke from the Arizonan region of Gilbert (to the southeast of Phoenix) has been arrested and charged with murder after an altercation with his 41-year-old roommate ended with the former shooting the latter dead.

A gun violence-related murder emanating from the US ordinarily isn’t exactly the most earth-shattering of news. But what is notable in this case is the shooter called his shot in a joke posted to Twitter a mere two days prior.

Zachary Penton called police and admitted to shooting his roommate Daniel Garafolo after a scuffle between the pair. Penton told police the confrontation occurred after Garafolo told Penton to move out. Penton was taken into custody without incident and charged with second degree murder.

NOW THEN. Here’s where it starts getting real kooky. Two days before the incident, Penton (or what police are openly stating “might be” a Twitter account linked to Penton) tweeted this:

Again, we repeat: If you feel like you’re about to do a very bad murder on someone, maybe take steps to ensure you do not have to do that murder.

In becoming some sort of murderous Babe Ruth, the account baring Penton’s name has been mined for other Tweets in the name of gathering further evidence of potential murderousness. And, uh… Guys…

Don’t do murders. Do not do them.

Although that said, the man/account does also speak some scorching truth.

Preach it.

Penton’s bail bond was set at $750,000, and his initial court appearance was scheduled for Monday US time.

Source: ABC15 Arizona.