People have been announcing the demise of photo-sharing app Instagram of late, with the news that the social media giant would be switching to an algorithm-based feed rather than chronological. 

And here’s another little tidbit that adds to proof that Insta is on its last legs: dudes are now messaging women asking for their worn underwear. Unwittingly creepy, no?

Okay, okay, okay – this might not be the newest of news. The worn panties thing isn’t exactly an innovation, but the brazenness with which these blokes are asking certainly is. 

Just ask Adelaide-born model Megan Irwin. She’s signed by IMG Models worldwide, has been published in Vogue Magazine, and photographed by Mario Testino, but her 60k+ following on IG has lead to some weeeeeeird bullshit being sent her way. 

Most recently, she’s recently dealt with some skeezy fella contacting her in hopes that he could chuck her half a thou’ in return for a pair of her panties that she had worn. 

“I thought it was disgusting! It’s by far the strangest message i’ve received to date.”

And while we understand that Megan’s pulchritudinous smile could make even the most sane human lose their marbles just a lil’, this bloke’s message didn’t give off the vibe of someone who was at their first panty-purchasing rodeo. 

This guy wanted proof that she wore them, too. Which we’re confused by. How? How would anyone be able to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they themselves had worn some underwear, before sending it off in the mail. 

Woaaaahhhhh Nelly. 

*switches Insta DMs to Private*

Photo: Instagram / @meganblakeirwin.