God-Tier Dumbass Caught By VIC Cops Driving Six Times Over The Legal Limit

In what can only be described as absolute fucking stupidity, a Victorian woman has had her license immediately suspended after being caught driving while pissed as fuck.

The 48-year-old woman was stopped in Blackburn last night by Nunawading Highway Patrol while they were carrying out breath tests on Chapel Street. She returned a breathalyzer reading of .313, which is six times over the legal limit. Fucking hell, I didn’t think it was even possible to walk after drinking that much.

Apparently, the woman agreed with police when they called her an “idiot”, after which her license was suspended for 12 months and her vehicle impounded. Victoria Police Acting Chief Commissioner, Shane Patton, rightfully called the reading “insane”.

“I don’t know how much alcohol you’d have to consume to get to that level but to think that you would get into a car, that is so irresponsible,” he said on 3AW today. “That’s an insane reading isn’t it, really.”

You’d need to sink a helluva lot of piss I reckon, Shane. Police are continuing to urge drivers to take care on the roads this holiday season.

Victoria’s road toll is at 254 for the year, while New South Wales‘ is sitting at 388, the worst of all the states. Queensland stands at 242, Western Australia at 153, the Northern Territory at 30, and South Australia at 98.

No matter how you slice it, those numbers suck. If you’re hitting the roads over the holiday break, for the love of dog, make sure you’re sober and please drive safely.