SCORE: These Drought-Resistant Plants Are Going Free In Sydney Today

A whole bunch of drought-resistant plants are being given away in Sydney tonight, which is good news for anyone who theoretically considers themselves a plant mum/dad but in practise forgets to water those suckers on the daily.

[jwplayer P3tWJbZn]

The giveaway, which is the handiwork of Sydney Water, is all about promoting a drought-resistant garden – because in case you missed the memo, Australia has been in drought for almost three years.

It’s been hosting a Drought Proof Garden in Martin Place all this week, and at 5pm tonight will be giving away 100 succulents and drought-tolerant plants to good homes.

They include the Blue Chalk Stick (which are apparently so low-maintenance they’re practically indestructible ) and the Gymea Lily, which can just straight-up survive a bushfire like the badass she is.

All the plants are locally sourced natives, and are designed to keep your garden / balcony / lonely pot plant looking great even with the strict water restrictions currently in place. If you want to learn more about keeping your garden lush as hell during the drought, here’s everything you need to know.