Deborah Thomas, CEO of Dreamworld’s owner Ardent Leisure, has pledged to donate the entirety of her scheduled cash bonus to the Australian Red Cross following the tragic death of four guests at the theme park on Tuesday.

In a statement, Thomas writes she has been “deeply affected and saddened” by the deaths of Kate Goodchild, Luke Dorsett, Roozbeh Araghi and Cindy Low, and “the impact of this incident on their children and families.”

As such, she’s directing the cash amount of $167,500 through Dreamworld’s (recently postponed) memorial day event, which will be run with the support of the Red Cross and has the express purpose of supporting those close to the victims. 

This announcement comes after it was initially estimated Thomas’ bonus would total between $670,000 and $860,000. 

Earlier today, a visibly-shaken Thomas faced questions from the media about the incident at Ardent Leisure’s post-annual general meeting press event. Speaking to a reporter who mentioned Luke Dorsett, Thomas said “our hearts and our thoughts and prayers are with [the Dorsett family] at this difficult time.

“And I will be calling you to see what assistance we can offer you.”

Source: Supplied.
Photo: Christopher Pearce / Getty.