Dreams Do Come True, ‘Cos We’re Finally Getting Hot Chip Vending Machines

The news Australia would be welcoming hot chip vending machines cleaved our lives in two. No longer would we define our lifetime in years experienced or the paltry events found within, oh no; the concept of deep-fried potato available at a moment’s notice touched us in a way almost too profound to express.

In the months proceeding that blessed announcement, we awaited word from our benevolent overlords. The Hot Chip Company’s machines, which had been tested extensively in Adelaide and Perth, were about to be rubber-stamped for a national rollout. We waited with bated breath, paper cups at the ready.

Then, like the sound of the starchy root itself: silence. 

But friends, today, Australia has received an announcement – in less than 30 days, the machines will enter the production phase, and they’re being crafted in the fine Perth suburb of Wangara. Eight of the modern wonders should be installed around Perth by June, according to ABC.  

The news comes after Smith’s Snackfood Company announced they’d be pulling stumps at their Canning Vale plant, leaving potato growers without a major buyer; potato processor Stephen Bendotti says the long-term goal is to absorb that excess product into hot chip production.
The machines themselves are said to prepare crispy, carby goodness in less than two-and-a-half minutes, but what’s 150 seconds when we’ve been waiting our whole lives?

Source: ABC. 
Photo: UniversalImagesGroup / Getty.