Drake’s New Mega-Mansion Has A Musical Toilet, Which Is A Literal Shit Flex

drake toilet

Need a reminder that you’ll never be as rich as Drake? Well, I just found out he has a musical toilet in his brand new mega-mansion. So even if you’re rich, you’ll probably never be ‘Drake’s musical toilet’ rich.

In a recent tour of his house posted on the TMZ YouTube channel, Drake shared a look inside his brand spankin’ new property. The property is built on the $6.7 million block of land he snapped up in 2015.

To quote Drake himself, “the property started from the bottom, now it’s here.”

The whole place is fancy, with basketball courts and 10-car garages aplenty, but the real selling point for me is the singing toot. Who doesn’t love a musical toot?

I’m not going to lie, the fact that Drake’s toilet probably costs more than my one-bedroom apartment kind of breaks my heart. Just a little.

Look at this fancy thing. This throne is simply too good for my shit.

It is unclear whether the singing feature is able to be turned off, or whether you’re just stuck listening to the soothing sounds of the shitter every time you need to use the bathroom. But if you’re spending this much money on a toilet that opens automatically and plays music, you probably wouldn’t want to turn it off.

The toilet plays peaceful ambient music while you poop, which is honestly much less impressive than a toilet that raps Drake beats. But that’s just my non-musical-toilet opinion, so who am I to judge?

Honestly, if I was Champagne Papi, I’d be buying a fancy singing toilet too, but his lavish Toronto home doesn’t stop there. No, sir.

He has a living room complete with a fully-equipped bar, a full-sized basketball court with his custom OVO branding, and a personal closet that looks bigger than my entire apartment. And to top it all off, he has 4.4 metre-high fencing around the property that required official approval from the local council, you know, for security reasons. This place is some serious a-lister bullshit.

Maybe now he can invite fellow Canadian Celine Dion over for that cup of coffee she mentioned after his tattoo fail.