Folks, it’s a good time to be alive. 

Symbio Wildlife Park has released excruciatingly cute footage of their pygmy marmosets, days after the trio was stolen and subsequently reunited at the NSW zoo.

Gomez, Sophia and a currently unnamed baby / certified munchkin can be seen munging down on some fruit, looking with their special eyes, and otherwise being tiny, perfect primates:


Before unleashing that flawless peek into their enclosure, Symbio also offered an update on the trio. 

They confirmed all three are in good health; while Gomez and the baby are still a lil’ reserved around us brutish humans, Sophia is “her usual cheeky and confident self.” Bless.

The pygmy marmoset enclosure will reopen next week, so all of you who discovered they’re actually your favourite animal will be able to check ’em out real soon. Just no touching, k?

Don’t Worry ‘Cos The Three Stolen Marmosets Are V. Happy Back Together

Source: Symbio Wildlife Park. 
Photo: Symbio Wildlife Park / Facebook.