Tired of dud side hustles? Feet pics aren’t working out for ya? In need of some cash, and quick? No, this isn’t an ad for one of those predatory quick-loan apps. Turns out there’s a new life hack in town, and it’s one anyone can try: selling donating your shit. Like, your literal poop.

US Tiktoker @isafidelino shared the “side hustle” on TikTok and revealed humanmicrobes.org will pay up to USD$500 (AUD$780) for a quality “stool donation”. For science, obviously. Don’t be nasty.

If you are pooping every day (which, I mean, you’d hope so), the payments could add up to USD$180,000 a year (AUD$280,000). Wow. And even better, the site accepts donors from “anywhere in the world”, so long as you can ship your poop properly.

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As always, there’s a catch: the organisation wants samples from “people who are healthy enough to be high-quality stool donors”, which they suggest are ideally “young healthy athletes” (UGH) aged under 30 years old. If you do happen to be a fkn athlete, donors must be completely healthy — though it’s not super clear what that entails aside from having no digestive health issues or chronic illnesses. The website does states you have to have minimal antibiotic use, though.

Apparently a tiny “0.1 per cent” of people actually meet the requirements to donate poop, which is why the payment is so high. The organisation is desperate for donors and there’s a shortage worldwide.

The plan is to “connect [donors] with doctors, researchers, clinical trials and individuals who need to rebalance their gut microbiome”. So if you’re an IBS girlie or have some other digestive issue, this is probably not the life hack for you.

But for those of who you do have healthy guts (oh, how I envy you), there’s actually another way to earn cash for your poop. No, not like that.

The Australian Centre for Digestive Diseases pays $50 a day for quality stool samples, and you don’t have to be an athlete to donate! There’s still a pretty vigorous screening process, but it’s marginally better. You just have to have a healthy digestive system and live in Sydney, so you can donate your poop within two or three hours of your dump.

While $50 a day is less than $780 a day, it adds up to a potential $250 a week or $13,000 a year if you’re a regular donor. All ya have to do is get your stool screened, do some blood tests and be willing to shit in a bag.

Honestly, I’d do more for less.